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Aerohive is the leader in controller-less Wi-Fi, Switching, and Routing solutions. The fully-distributed Architecture provides MORE enterprise features and functionality than competitor solutions WITHOUT any controller cost, complexity, bottlenecks, or single points of failure. If management fails, Aerohive devices continue to operate at full-functionality, including Application Visibility and Control.


Aerohive provides full Layer 7 Application Visibility and control (AVC) through deep packet inspection at EACH AP. With AVC, you can monitor, block, and prioritize known and custom applications to optimize, secure, and manage your network right at the edge.


Aerohive’s Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) provides the ease of PSK with many of the advantages of 802.1X. Each user has a unique passphrase on a single SSID, which enables 802.1X-like capabilities even though it appears like only a PSK is required on the laptop or Wi-Fi device. This allows all users to connect to the same network, but get unique levels of service based on their roles.

NYC Wifi and Network Experts

Your Wifi network is as important as your Ethernet network is for your company. With most companies deploying a hybrid environment where Wifi and Ethernet became extensions of each other no business can successfully operate without a reliable Wifi Solution. Here at PreciseTek we take pride in being known as Wifi Experts in NYC as we have helped many businesses and organizations implement reliable, efficient, and cost effective wifi solutions. 

As one of the leader Aerohive partners in NYC we specialized in the engineering, configuration, deployment, and support of Aerohive Wifi solutions for the small, midsize, and enterprise sector. No other wifi vendors offers scalable high quality solutions and product at a price accessible to all businesses. 

Aerohive Connect

Every Access Point is a Starting Point

Aerohive Connect offers enterprise connectivity, cloud management, and interactive forum-based support, without increasing cost or complexity. Connect leverages Aerohive’s unique distributed Wi-Fi architecture and cloud networking to increase speed, scale, and resiliency for wireless-first organizations. Connect is a great entry point for organizations that have basic connectivity needs but expect to increase network visibility, security, and other enterprise Wi-Fi features in the near future.

The Only Fully-Flexible Wi-Fi Platform

Upgrade your Wi-Fi, downgrade your costs with Aerohive Connect

  • Centralized & Unified Management - Unified Wi-Fi and switch management that harnesses the power of the cloud

  • Lifetime of Cloud Networking - The only Cloud Wi-Fi solution that doesn’t need a subscription

  • Powerful & Adaptable Connectivity - Self-organizing and self-healing access with the best balance of coverage, capacity, and performance

  • Value Beyond Connectivity – Flexible upgrade options to enhanced management, security, support, and insight tools

  • Interactive Support – Forum-based interactive support with optional upgrade services

Aerohive Select

Transform the Connected Experience

Seamlessly upgrade to advanced features such as application visibility, increased security, troubleshooting tools, and enhanced support services with Aerohive Select. Aerohive’s advanced cloud networking solutions increase network intelligence while decreasing network complexity, available as either a public or private cloud deployment. Aerohive Select enhances the connected experience for corporate, BYOD, guest, and IoT connectivity.

Upgrade your Connected Experience with advanced features, services, and deployment options

  • Advanced Monitoring - 360° device & client views and a visual dashboard for contextualized monitoring and reporting

  • Application Visibility and Control - Optimize application usage and network resources

  • Aerohive PPSK - Profile-based user access control for enhanced security

  • Advanced Guest Access Included – Flexible, secure guest onboarding with comprehensive CWP options and stand-alone applications

  • World-Class Supprt – Comprehensive support options with access to Aerohive experts

NYC WiFi's and Network Specialist: We are the Network and WiFi support experts in NYC, We diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix WiFi issues by analyzing the WiFi spectrum and configuring the WiFi network for your specific environment. We specialize in providing reliable WiFi solutions for businesses from Midtown NY to Downtown NY, We understand how High Density, Spectrum Saturation, Building Materials, and other environmental conditions can affect the operation of your WiFi network.  Our Services and Solutions Work!

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