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Windows Server 2016 not responding.

I’ve been working on Windows Servers since the NT version back in the days, as a seasoned Windows experts I’ve seen a good share of weird issue that make absolutely no sense. Rather than getting all wrapped up about them and try finding the root cause of the each and every problem I’ve learned to relax and just file those issues in the X file folder. After all the goal for most of us is to keep things working not really debugging and reverse engineer the Operating System.

With that being said I want to present to you the latest weird things I’ve seen in Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Many of these issues are either cause by Pending Windows Server updates or after a Windows update was installed.

  • Hosts don’t get an automatic IP address. Possible reason: Windows server DHCP stops distrusting DHCP addresses. Symptom: obvious, no IP addresses are distributed, DHCP show are running, hosts with static IP work ok.

  • Can’t RDP into server. Windows Server Remote Desktop connection stops receiving connections.

  • No Server Shares Available. Windows Server Server Services stops working. Symptom, no network shares available from users or even when accessing the server via UNC.

  • Can’t browse the web or access resources by name. Windows Server DNS Service stopped working. Symptom: you can ping local and public resources by IP address but not by name.

  • Windows Server just freezes at the log in screen not allowing to do anything. Just cold boot the server, most likely you'll see updates installing during the boot up.

For better or for worst It's the Microsoft Windows Server World..


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