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Quick steps to add a new datastore HD to your VMWare server.

In this article I will show you how to add another HD to your VMWare server and configure it as a new datastore. In this setup I"m assuming you have a simple system with non-RAID configuration using VMWare 6.

  • 1. Install your physical disk to the unit. No magic, just add it to your system the same way you add another this.

  • 2. Login in to your VMWare server, select the Configuration tag, select Storage under the Hardware column, and click on Add Storage.

  • 3. Click on next in the Storage Type window.

  • 4. The available physical disk on your unit will be displayed, select the Disk you’d like to add as the new Datastore.

  • 5. Decide whether you’d like to use only the free on the disk or if you’d like to the entire disk. Allocating the entire disk to the data storage will delete any data on it.

  • 6. Name your datastorage, it’s a good idea to create a unique name.

  • 7. Allocate the desired space for the data storage.

  • 8. The new Datastore will appear once drive is ready.


Happy VM deployment!


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