Windows Open File - Security Warning

Windows 10 Open File Security Warning.

With every Operating System update Microsoft adds better security features, many times those out of the box “better security features” become intrusive pop up messages that block even legit applications from running or performing properly.

Perhaps you’ve tried running a network application and gotten the following message:

The above Open File – Security Warning is a well-intended that becomes very annoying if left un-configured.

To address this issue you must first understand why it’s showing up. Microsoft, and in our case Windows 10, keeps a list of trusted sites and location where you can execute programs from. That feature in and of itself is of great benefit, you certainly don’t want programs originating from remote unknown location to run on your computer.

Once you know the location and program are of a trusted source, let’s say a server or another computer on your network then you can create an exception that will prevent the message from popping up every time you run the program.

To solve this problem:

Open Control Panel and select Internet Properties, Security, and Local Intranet.

Once Local Intranet is selected, click on Sites and then the Advanced button.

Add the Compute name or IP address of the computer you are executing the program from.

Once added close the Windows and run the program again, it will not display the security warning again.


I hope this was useful to you. Feel free to contact us if you need technical support services in Midtown NY, and all Manhattan.

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