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Is this email legit or a spam?

It's no wonder we all have asked this very same question at one time or another. With email being the primary form of communication in a business environment, our inbox being flooded with messages every day, and the wide spread of cyber criminals using sophisticated and ingenious social engineering techniques we may

feel overwhelm trying to determine the authenticity of a message.

The following article posted on our NJ based company we outline the techniques and procedure hackers use to compromise one's computer through email messages and what the average user can do to determine if a message is legit or not.

The following is an excerpt of the post:

According to the Canadian Cyber Safe Site it is estimated that 156 million phishing emails are sent every day, 16 million make it through filters, 8 million are opened, and 800,000 links are clicked. also reports that as of 2011 over 100 billion spam emails are sent each day and over half of internet users get at least 1 phishing email per day. With such staggering number of emails flooding the systems, high attack sophistication, and the availability of hacking tools is not surprise many people fall prey of such email attacks.


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