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Are your computers always getting infected with viruses?

Are your computers constantly getting infected by computer viruses?

You may wonder why your systems are constantly getting infected with different types of malware even though you have an antivirus software installed. That’s the dilemma of many small businesses and they grow rather frustrated by it. The truth is the reason why computers seem to be virus infection prone may be something more complicated than what some people would care to know, with that thought in mind let’s explore some reason why such thing happens and what to do to minimize the likelihood or repeat virus infections:

  1. Unreliable virus protection: Not all antivirus software are created equal, there are dozens of antivirus software in the market today all with their bells and whistles, choosing the right antivirus is essential for proper protection.

  2. Poor Web Browsing Practice: Many times users, consciously or unconsciously, don’t exercise sound judgment when browsing the web. This type of behavior is the most damaging as most malware relies on users’ interaction to be installed on the computers.

  3. The virus was not fully removed the last time: Malware, including viruses, are sophisticated piece of software. Latest malware are designed to morph its code and signatures when antivirus software kick in thus hiding from it and going into a dormant state.

  4. You only rely on antivirus software for malware protection: threats are sophisticated and the days of Antivirus software carrying all the load are well behind us. A layered security approach or Security Connect approach must be implemented for proper endpoint security. Products such as IPS, HIPS, NGFW can help with this.

  5. Protection is only at the endpoint: it goes back to the previous point, it may be too late to stop the malware once it has reached your computer, and with proper implementations the threat can be stop on its onset before it reaches your company.

  6. Passive support: Security needs to be proactive, logs need to be checked, reports analyzed, you need to be on top of the latest threats and zero day attacks news

  7. Malware is more than viruses: there are many adware plugins that cause havoc on your web browsing experience that are not viruses, therefore they’ll not be detected by any software.

  8. Operating Systems Vulnerabilities: You may have the most advanced virus protection but it your Operating system is vulnerable, meaning not having the latest patches, updates, and hot fixes, then the job of the antivirus software is limited.

  9. Browser vulnerabilities: You have to keep in mind that in a computer system many things work seamlessly together, a browser has its own set of updates and patches required to stay protected. Sometimes they may be downloaded via OS updates (like Microsoft does) but you may have to check and install updates independently.

  10. Root Kits: this are pesky software as bad as they sound, when stubborn rootkits affect computers sometimes the only solution is to wipe everything out and start from scratch. In high profile cases the whole hardware needs to be replaced.

  11. Someone in the office doesn’t like you: unlikely? Disgruntled employees go long lengths to let inflict pain to their employer and one of those ways is consciously going to sites that contain malware.

  12. Someone brought it in: unfortunately this happens a lot, users bring their portable storage devices and connect them to the office’s computers, or access personal

  13. Someone clicked a link on phishing scam email: email spams are very sophisticated nowadays so it can happen. Fortunately McAfee has a click protect solution for cases like this.

  14. You are being targeted: unlikely for the average user or company but certainty realistic if you are consider a target.

  15. Zero day attacks: they are attacks that don’t have any fix yet.

We provide cost effective advanced anti malware solutions by implementing MacAfee security services. McAfee, now part of Intel, offers a complete security portfolio for each and every environment. Powered by Intel technology McAfee now offers security products and services unmatched by any other competitor because they are able to start system protection at the kernel level and spans all the way to the application, thus offering a true complete solution.

The previous were the most common reasons I’ve seen over the years. The truth is that are more reasons than just 15 of why computer viruses re-infect computer, as I stated earlier, you need proactive support, the right tools, and procedures in place to have a working environment free of malware. As the old adage goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, having the right solution in place will save you considerably in terms of money and time. All of our customers attest to it, malwares are the least of their problem because of all the solutions and the support we provide. We offer small business the same state of the art advanced solutions fortune 100 companies have but at a small business price, we bridge the gap between security services and small organizations.

We service all New York City, we are an IT service provider company located in midtown NY providing reliable and cost effective technical services to small and midsize organizations. Our services include desktop support, network administration, data recovery, IT security services, cloud services solutions, VoIP services, Server support, Backup solutions, forensics,etc. Contact us for details at 646-500-0032 or

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