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Security as a Service for small and mid-sized businesses.

NYC Security as a Service provider

Security as a Service (SaaS) is a form of Cloud Services solution. The term cloud computing has been around since the mid-90s and implies in its simplest form the sharing of resources and services beings access from a remote location. Therefore, Security as a Service is the solution of services such as: Antivirus, Antimalware, Web and Email filtering, being accessed via the internet from a remote site outside of the hosting company.

The solution is not new but late implementations and acceptance of Cloud Computing has given Security as a Service a big push primarily in the small and mid-sized market.

One of the major hurtles I see businesses face with Security as a Service solutions is simply the uncertainty of the unconventional. Most business are used the traditional way of hosting services and application in house, meaning they purchase a server, install the application on it the client on the workstation. This traditional approach usually ends up in high upfront costs and underutilize servers that depreciate in value over a period of time.

Running Security as a Service gives the business the flexibility to pay only for the services that they use, they can add-remove security modules as they see fit not having to worry about the backend support and maintenance. This approach gives small and mid-sized businesses access to security solutions that could only be afford by large enterprises giving the small market industry a much needed big boost in the information security realm.

Benefits of Security as a Service

1. Minimum upfront infrastructure cost: no new server, new hardware, OS software licensing cost.

2. Faster deployment: Deployment can be performed via AD gpo, MSI, web link, executables.

3. Greater Manageability: Manage Centralized console via web browser from virtually any device.

4. Less Administrative Maintenance: The software updates, hot fixes, hardware updates and maintenance are the responsibility of the hosting company.

5. Easier Administration: Intuitive, easy to manage console and deployment.

6. Pay "as you go" model: Only pay for what you really use. You can add, remove modules and licesenses as you see fit and only pay for what you are using.

7. Modular solutions: You can add security "modules" to your solutions without interrupting the services.

8. Enterprise class solutions at a fraction of the price: that's right, same solutions the fortune 100 companies are using to protect their network and endpoints are now available to every business.

Is SaaS good for my business? The answer is simple, Yes. The solution was designed for the small and mid-sized business, there are certain businesses where SaaS may not be a feasible solution but for the most part it'd have to do with internal policies and not necessarily the effectiveness of the solution itself.

There are major players in the Security as a Service realm, it's not a surprise that the security companies that have dominated the info sec field for many years are the ones dominating the cloud security field. Companies such as McAfee, Kaspersky, Symantec, and TrendMicro offer amazing solution. Choosing one of this companies over the other must go beyond the way they deliver their solutions but rather on the security technology, scalability, modularity, and licensing methods they use. Even then there are some companies that have their way fixed and won't change vendors even if it's proven other companies offer a much better and more reliable solution.

After partnering, evaluating, and deploying many Security as a Service solutions for various businesses in New York City and New Jersey we have seen that McAfee SaaS is the most reliable, dependent, and secure solution in the market. They offer the flexibility and scalability solutions that adapt to the small and mid-sized industry, its deployment is smooth, and manageability is simple.

For Information security to be successful a proactive defense in depth should be implemented, McAfee SaaS provides businesses with the tools to control and automate the endpoint devices and we provide the experience, expertise, and technical vision to make the technical implementation a success.

We have helped many businesses in New York City achieved successful technical controls for PCI and HIPAA compliance. Although installing a security solutions such as McAfee SaaS will not guarantee compliance the proper implementation of the service as part of a defense in depth approach helps businesses attain the certification and most importantly to protect information.

PreciseTek is a McAfee partner deploying cloud and traditional McAfee security services including Antivirus, Antimalware, IPS, IDS, Firewall, Email encryption, Endpoint Encryption, Mobile Security, and Web Content filter solutions in New York City. Our experience, expertise, and strategic technical vision allows us to create and customize technical solutions that adapt and support the business requirements and goals.

Contact us to learn more about Security as a Service and to find out how it can benefit your company.

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