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What is SaaS? SaaS stands for security as a service. And as a security company in New York, Precisetek offers businesses the cutting edge solution and flexibility of cloud-based security.



We are a McAfee partner in New York and New Jersey. We have the technical expertise to perform virus removal in NYC services, malware removal services, and information security solutions. SaaS solutions help organization reduce virus attacks and stops malware from spreading.



Many companies in NYC have benefited from McAfee SaaS and Precisetek solutions. We have a proven track record of helping companies in New York and New Jersey minimize or eradicate virus and malware attacks by implementing a comprehensive security solution plan that includes the McAfee SaaS solution in New York and our strategic technical approach and engineering. What is network vulnerability? Network vulnerability in NYC is the process or running an application that will check the network hosts against known vulnerabilities. The vulnerability list the software use can be privately built or the public available.



Precisetek offers small businesses in New York network security solution in nyc, we help companies in new York get ready for PCI audits and Hipaa audits. Network vulnerability services in new York is one of the first steps for companies in new York in search of security services to start working on their security plans.



Many businesses in New Jersey have used Precisetek to address the network security assessment in New Jersey. When companies in search for network security companies in New Jersey we come up on the top list because our network security solutions and network security services are trusted by many businesses.



Whether you are a small business or large organization we have the network security solution NYC plan that adapts to your environment. We offer various network security NYC services including: email filter and web content filtering. Email content filter helps businesses reduce the amount of email spam they get, secures email communication, and provides a layer of security required by many businesses. The email filter solution NYC helps businesses of any size, we are a McAfee partner in NYC which offers Mcafee SaaS solutions NYC known as Security as a service.



We can help your small environment in New York and New Jersey take advantage of fortune 500 technical solution implementations. Our network services in NYC and security services in NYC have implemented email filter in NYC for many businesses reducing the virus attacks thus reducing the virus removal NYC services. We tight our security services NYC with our network services in NYC as a holistic approach to make sure every layer of your network is protected.



By using our defense in depth strategy the network vulnerability NYC services we offer becomes a manageable part of your businesses. We are serious about information security services in new York city, that’s why we have partner with leaders in the security industry including Kaspersky and McAfee, Precisetek recently received the McAfee SaaS solutions in nyc status which allows us to be one of the most dynamic and security centered security company in new York businesses servicing New York and New Jersey. We provide network services in nyc along with desktop services nyc and virus removal as a managed service nyc solutions for businesses of all sizes.



Contact us if you want to learn more about the web content filter and email filter solution can be of benefit to your environment. Usually people finds us by typing keyword=security services NYC, or keyword=network security NYC, or keyword=MacAfee partner NYC. Keyword=”network security for small business in NYC”, keyword=”midtown Manhattan IT Support”.



No matter which way to come to know us you can also check or premier security parent company at for all our security services or check our new jersey branch desktop support company in north Bergen



No matter how you contact us, you’ll be in good hands when it comes to technical services in nyc and desktop support in midtown ny. You can also our security blog for more details

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 Security as a Service


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We proivde Information Security Services in New York City and New Jersey. Our CISSP engineers help businsses Manhattan with security services and network penetration testing. We help healthcare providers align their security policies with HIPPA mandates. Our cyber security services cover Manhattan,Queens, Brookly, Bronx, and Northern NJ, Midtown NY Network Security Services, Information Security Services for Small Businesses, Vulnerability Assessment Companies.

IT Security Services for Small Businesses:

Contact us for more details about our Network Security Services and Solutions in NYC. We support all major product brans such as: Cisco, Sonicwall, Juniper, HP, CheckPoint, McAfee, Intel, Dell, 3M, Nortel, etc. With us on your side you can rest assure that you network will support your business functions.


For more information contact us at 646-500-0032 or

We have been providing network security services to small businesses in Manhattan since 2010, our clients requiring security services range from Law Offices, Health Care practices, Nonprofit  organizations, and retails stores. They each have their unique needs and industry requirements to comply with, we go beyond compliance requirements and develop effective network security solutions for small businesses. We are an established IT Support firm in Manhattan that deploys highly effective network security solutions  by taking a holistic technical approach where is network layer is protected.

We live in a digital age where most information is electronically stored on many devices in your organization. Government and industry requirements may require you to have security controls in place to protect against accidental deletion or unauthorized access to information.


Our cyber security experts can help you implement the necessary technical controls and security best practices through our holistic defense in depth solution and our layered defense approach. Don't leave it to chance, your proprietary, private, and confidential information is at risk if you don't take a proactive approach.

To deliver the best service we need to use the best technology available, that's why we provide McAfee Security as a Service solution to businesses in need of protection for their desktop, servers, and devices.


Our Security as a Service (SaaS) provides your businesses with the tools to automate and control your company's endpoint devices and our technical expertise and experience allows us to configure the solutions to your specific environment. We have years of experience in IT Security field helping companies protect their data, electronic communication, and achieve the technical controls to comply with HIPAA and PCI standards.


McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection is a cloud-based security suite that protects your devices from viruses, spyware, web threats and hacker attacks.Our technology automatically detects and blocks malware — even previously unknown threats — in real time, before it installs and compromises your computers and servers. With SaaS Endpoint Protection, you receive immediate, up-to-the-minute threat protection to ensure your data, systems, and networks are always secure.


The Cloud-Based Management Console provides a simple-to-use interface that lower costs while streamlining deployments and maintenance.This solution is integrated with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI), the same technology that powers McAfee security products used by our largest Fortune 500 customers— and you get it in this affordable, cloud-based solution.Contact us to learn about our SaaS solution and information security services.


We are an IT company in NY for NY. We have helped companies protect and secure their IT infrastructure including phones, computers, laptops, server, electronic communication, and cloud information. We can do the same for you, Contact us for more information about our information security services in New York and surround areas.

NYC IT Security Services & Compliance

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