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  • Virtualization

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Data Cabling

  • Windows Server

  • Systen Administration

  • Firewall Administration

  • VPN Configuration

  • Network Security

  • Active Directory

  • SAN | NAS

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Troubleshooting

  • Design

  • Backup

Precisetek is a computer support company is Midtown NY, we have years of experience providing Desktop Support Services in Manhattan assisting organization with all their Computer Help in Midtown NY and Computer Help in Downtown NY. q=midtown+computer+repair+companies


We are Wireless Expert in Midtown NY: Wireless networking in Manhattan is one of the most challenging technical configurations small and midsized organizations have to deal with. The WiFi Spectrum is over saturated with many companies WiFi network configurations from companies in the vicinities. This Spectrum saturation causes all WiFi networks to become unstable at one point or another as Access Points work in survival mode trying to keep their WiFi networks alive. We deploy AeroHive Network Solutions in NYC as its Access Point Solution provides a more advanced WiFi setting configuration and management. q=midtown+WiFi+Support+companies , q=WiFi+Experts


Network Support Services Experts in NYC: The network is made up of various components such as router, switches, firewall, Access Points, etc. that when configured together form the network. With many moving parts depending on each other the failure of misconfiguration of one can affect the rest of the network. We are the Network Support Experts in Midtown NY, our approach is analyzing the network traffic and communication to determine where the root cause of the problem is. q=midtown+IT+Support+companies


Windows Server Support NYC: Windows Servers makes network management easier for administrators. As most companies use Active Directory to manage their user accounts, printer, file access, remote access, etc. it is easy for small businesses without the Windows Server Configuration and Administration expertise to misconfigure Windows Server and expose the network to hackers.  We offer Windows Experts Support Services in NYC by providing online and onsite support. q=midtown+Windows+Server+Support


Dell Server Help in Midtown NY: We specialized in Dell Server deployment and configuration, Dell Servers offer the resiliency and reliability organizations expect to have better return of investment. We assist with Dell Server Configurations, Dell Server Troubleshooting, and Dell Server Support. From the setup to the decommission you can count on PreciseTek to deliver Expert Dell Support Services in NYC. q=Dell+Support+companies


PreciseTek is a managed service provider company servicing all Manhattan districts, With our strategical technical vision and proactive approach you can have confidence any network issue can solved. Our sister company JDTechsolution offer computer support services in Secaucus, all Hudson, Bergen County.


 Precisetek is the desktop and network services branch of Traversenet, a security services company in downtown New York and the security services company in New Jersey.  We are more than just that, we also offer Mac Support, our technical assistance covers the so desired computer help nyc and when people search keywords desktop support nyc we come up as one of the companies.

NYC Network Services | Administration & Support

Network Services:

We develop network solutions with your needs and goals in mind. Our strategic technical vision coupled with a strong understating of technology allows to create solid scalable solutions for your environment. We are the most reliable, efficient, and cost effective network solutions provider in New York City servicing the small and mid-sized organizations. 


We pride ourselves in organizing your network in a way that is cohesive with the rest of your business and becomes a core component for your growth. When you rely on email communication, internet, server access, and phone to carry out your business functions you need a reliable technical expert on your side.

We have been managing the IT infrastructure for businesses in New York since 2010, we are an established IT Support firm in Manhattan that deploys highly effective network solutions that help businesses maximize productivity and return of investment. Our team of network engineers and administrators work together to ensure your systems are working at their optimal performance and to provide the services required for your company to operate.

We offer proactive maintenance, monitoring, and administration of all your network devices to ensure their maximum optimal performance. We cover all aspect of network services, from the network assessment service that looks deep into the network communication to analyze traffic patterns to create a network communication baseline, VPN services and solutions, Windows server administration, Wireless Network Configurations, to the Network Security services you can count on PreciseTek as your network security service expert.

Our approach is precise and methodical, we are Network Experts because we understand network communication to the bits and bytes traveling down the wire or the air. Our deep understanding on networking protocols and communication allows us to diagnose, isolate, and troubleshoot issues usually attributed to the network. With PreciseTek on your side you rest assure your network will work its best performance to support your business functions.

Contact us for details about our services and solutions, whether you have a small or large network, wireless, or wireless, we have the expertise and know how to assist you with any of your current and future network needs. Call at 646-500-0032 or email us at for more information. 

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Why PreciseTek?


Because we are Network Experts who care about configuring network solutions that fit unique environment, our expertise and reliability  helps small organizations take advantage of fortune 500 grade technical support at a small business price. 


 Because we care about maximizing your Return of Investment.


√ We are a local IT Support company in NYC. We are an establish IT Managed Service Provider company in the heart of Midtown NY, we specialized servicing small organizations with the most reliable, advanced, and cost effective solutions.


 We are Network Experts. Our experience goes far back to the Ring topology on Novell Netware to the most advanced Fiber, Wireless, and Ethernet Configurations in the industry today. 


√ Personalized Service. In this age of digital communication you can still count on us to be approachable and reachable.


√ We are Problem Solvers: We focus on solutions not problems, our strategic thinking and technical expertise allow to develop creative solutions that fit your needs. 


√ We are Microsoft Windows Server Experts: We know Windows Server inside out, as a Microsoft Partner we have the expertise and know how to help you implement the most reliable Windows Server configurations.


Broad Technical Understanding: We understand all aspects of technology and they apply to your business. 


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