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Desktop Services Midtown NYC



PreciseTek provides the most Efficient, Reliableand Cost Effective computer 

help services in Midtown NY We understand how important technology has 

becomea part of your business and your life, that's why we provide North Bergen pc help

services to make sure your all your technical needs are taken care of.  We offer  onsite and

remote support, our "online computer repair" service ensures faster response to your needs

and a better price. As long as you have internet access and our technicians are able to connect to your computer we can provide the support, admininstration, and troubleshooting required to get your systems back on track.  We are your local computer repair shop in Midtown Manhattan serving all NYC and Northern NJ.








We offer comprehensive services tailored to your unique needs, learning about our clients and understanding their current and future needs, industry and government mandates, and business' goals allow us to develop customized solutions and services and align with each business, thus maximizing the return of investment.


  • Midtown NY Desktop Assessment: Our desktop assessment services help businesses inventory hardware, software, updates, and licensing in their environment.


  • Midtown NY Desktop Maintenance: We provide proactive maintenance to your desktops to ensure maximum functionality, we ensure your system free of bloat ware, and your hardware is functional


  • Midtown NY Operating System Support: Whether you are a Windows, Mac, or hybrid shop. We know the Operating Systems inside out.  We help you with installation, support, upgrades, troubleshooting and any other issue you may come across. 


  • Midtown NY Virtualization Services: Most systems are underutilized, virtualization offers more flexibility, resiliency, and a better return of investment than the traditional hardware deployment way.


  • Midtown NY Virus Removal: most malware are intended to cause damage to your files and systems, some even attempt extort you by hijacking your system and data. Viruses are not the harmless nuisance they once were, we can remove the malware from your systems and design a solution that will minimize the likelihood of another infection.


  • Midtown NY Operating System Upgrades: Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP, when the need comes to upgrade your operating systems many factors come into play for a successful upgrade.  We can assist with the upgrade process, data transfer, certificates moves, and profiles settings reconfiguration.


  • Midtown NY Soft level support is designed to assist recovering data from drives that have been formatted, deleted, unbootable, or light physical damaged. Our "Lab Level" implies sending the physical drive to our partner's lab for highly sophisticated recover attempt, the Lab Level is used is extreme circumstances such as physical damaged to the drive.


  • Midtown NY Green Computing: Green computing technology can save an average small business with 25 employees an average of $2800 a year in energy costs. IT's a win win situation for the environment of the business office, contact us to learn more about green computing.


  • Midtown NY Desktop Security: Security in depth looks at all different layers of communication to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data and systems. Our desktop security services include the NIST, NSA, and DHLS frameworks to bring the maximum protection to your systems. We can help you prepare for the PCI and HIPAA standards


  • Midtown NY Backup Solutions: We help you deploy a comprehensive desktop and network backup solution that suits your environment, whether you have just a few Megabytes or information or you are in need of Terabytes worth of space, we offer solutions that are cost effective and reliable to give you the peace of mind of always having access to your data. Contact us for more details about data backup solutions.


  • Midtown NY Data Encryption Solutions: we implemented McAfee advanced endpoint to provide a holistic approach to desktop security, ensuring the encryption of folders, computers, and mobile devices. Contact us for details about our encryption solutions.


  • Midtown NY Cloud Services: we offer cloud desktop, collaboration, VoIP, hosted Exchange, and Google Apps cloud solutions. Cloud services offer the flexibility your business needs to stay competitive in this market.


We are here to help, we offer deskop, network, and information security services. Contact us to learn more about how our services can you help you with all your technical needs.


  • Midtown NY Virus Removal

  • Midtown  NY Application Support

  • Midtown NY OS upgrades

  • Midtown NY  Data Recovery

  • Midtown NY Green Computing

  • Midtown NY Desktop Assessment 

  • Midtown NY  Desktop Maintenance 

  • Midtown NY Operating System Support 

  • Midtown NY Devices Configuration

  • Midtown NY Virtualization Services

  • Midtown NY Desktop Security

  • Midtown NY Backup Solution

  • Midtown NY Antivirus Solution

  • Midtown NY Data Encryption

  • Midtown NY Cloud Services

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