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Cloud Computing Services It offers tremendous flexibility when it comes to administration, maintenance, support, and collaboration to small businesses and organizations. Now small companies can benefit of the enterprise grade technical solutions at a small business price. As the cloud providers saturate the market so are their solutions, that is why not all clouds are created equal, and neither are the solutions theyprovide.


We help companies implement and intergrate the right solution to their environment. We are here to guide you through the complexities of cloud technology and to implement solutions that fit your needs now and for years to come.


Our Cloud Services include: 

Office 365:  We implement and support the flexibility of Microsoft Office 365 Cloud based solutions. Take advantage of the flexibility and collaboration tools.


 Google Apps: Google offers its unique set of Apps that offer an alternative to Office 365 solutions.


 Cloud Based Antivirus Solutions: Manage your hosts from the cloud. It saves you money and time by avoiding adding a new server to your premises and it offers the flexibility and power of a manage solution.


 Cloud Based Web Content Filter and Email Filter: Stop the malware before it even gets to you. Cloud based web and email filter have help companies increase bandwidth and resources utilization to increase productivity. We implement McAfee onsite and Cloud based solutions. We can help you decide which technology is best for you.


 VoIP Solutions: We offer Hosted and Hybrid VoIP solutions. We specialized in Cisco UC, CudaTel, and Fonality implementions. Our experience have shown us that besiness with 10 or more telephones have a better return of investment implementing Hybrid Solutions for thier environment.


 Collaboration: Box offers an outstanding collaboration for business of all sizes. Its flexibiltiy, security, and centralized administration portal allow businesses to garner the benefits and productivity of collaboration


 Cloud Servers and Desktop: We provide Windows Server 2012, Linux, and Windows Desktop based Cloud  solutions. Our technology provides organizations with the reliability and flexibility of Cloud Servers as a hybrid implementation to their existing infrastructure of as part of their disaster recovery solution. 


PreciseTek offers Cloud Service Support in NYC and surrounding area. We can help you implement the Hybrid of Full Cloud solutions that is right you. Contact us at 212-220-3851 or for Cloud Solutions for your business.

Why PreciseTek?


We have earned the right to be called the Technical Adviser by many companies over the years, our expertise and reliability  helps small organizations take advantage of fortune 500 grade technical support at a small business price. The seven most common reasons why businesses choose us are:


 Because we care about maximizing your Return of Investment.


√ We are a local IT Support company in NYC. We are an establish IT Managed Service Provider company in the heart of Midtown NY, we specialized servicing small organizations with the most reliable, advanced, and cost effective solutions.


√ We are Cloud computing Experts. We have sucessfully helped many business implement cloud solutions as part of their network solutions.


√ Personalized Service. In this age of digital communication you can still count on us to be approachable and reachable.


√ We are Problem Solvers: We focus on solutions not problems, our strategic thinking and technical expertise allow to develop creative solutions that fit your needs. 


√ We are abreast of the latest vulnerabilities and attack vectorsWe proactively monitor your network to ensure protection against the latest threats. 


Broad Technical Understanding: We understand all aspects of technology and they apply to your business. 


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