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Technical Services for the everyday business

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Support in New York City

1357 Broadway
Suite 213
New York, NY 10018
We are Precise Technologies, a technical service provider company servicing Manhattan and surrounding areas. Located in the heart of Midtown NY, we are here to help and assist small and large organizations with any technical need.

Our goal is clear, to provide fortune 100 IT technical support to small and medium size businesses in NYC and surrounding areas by developing, implementing, and aligning technology with business' goals and requirements. Our strategic technical  vision and expertise allow us to implement solutions and services that increase business productivity, provides technical resiliency, and reduce technical costs, thus improving your bottom line.


We offer various types of technical support that adapt to each businesses culture and needs. Whether it's a one time engagement, project based, or managed services we will provide you the most reliable, efficient, and cost effective solution for your technical needs. Contact us to learn more about our services and solutions.

Break Fix: companies that don't have an ongoing  business relation with us contact after a system failure. Passive in nature, this approach poses the greatest  risk for businesses

Managed Services: is our proactive approach that manages, controls, and administer the IT department fo the business. It's  the preferred solution for businesses in need of IT support

Solution Based: companies in need of special project and solutions such a cabling, desktop migration, vulnerability assessment, security services.  The engagement last until the project of solution is successfully delivered.

Core Values:

  • We partner with our clients and value their business

  • We developed customized technical solutions.

  • Only accept projects that match our competencies.

  • We develop solutions with Information Security at its core.

  • All business transactions and customer infomation are kept under strict confidentiaity.

  • The means don't justify the end.

Mission Statement: 

To provide the most efficient, reliable, and cost effective technical service to every client.



Vision Statement:

To become the most trusted technical service provider company in New York City.



Precisetek is a computer support company is Midtown NY, we have years of experience providing Desktop Support Services in Manhattan assisting organization with all their Computer Help in Midtown NY and Computer Help in Downtown NY.


We are Wireless Expert in Midtown NY: Wireless networking in Manhattan is one of the most challenging technical configurations small and midsized organizations have to deal with. The WiFi Spectrum is over saturated with many companies WiFi network configurations from companies in the vicinities. This Spectrum saturation causes all WiFi networks to become unstable at one point or another as Access Points work in survival mode trying to keep their WiFi networks alive. We deploy AeroHive Network Solutions in NYC as its Access Point Solution provides a more advanced WiFi setting configuration and management.


Network Support Services Experts in NYC: The network is made up of various components such as router, switches, firewall, Access Points, etc. that when configured together form the network. With many moving parts depending on each other the failure of misconfiguration of one can affect the rest of the network. We are the Network Support Experts in Midtown NY, our approach is analyzing the network traffic and communication to determine where the root cause of the problem is.


Windows Server Support NYC: Windows Servers makes network management easier for administrators. As most companies use Active Directory to manage their user accounts, printer, file access, remote access, etc. it is easy for small businesses without the Windows Server Configuration and Administration expertise to misconfigure Windows Server and expose the network to hackers.  We offer Windows Experts Support Services in NYC by providing online and onsite support.


Dell Server Help in Midtown NY: We specialized in Dell Server deployment and configuration, Dell Servers offer the resiliency and reliability organizations expect to have better return of investment. We assist with Dell Server Configurations, Dell Server Troubleshooting, and Dell Server Support. From the setup to the decommission you can count on PreciseTek to deliver Expert Dell Support Services in NYC.

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